How Long Should I Charge A Brand New Laptop?

When you buy a brand new laptop, it’s likely that the battery might not be fully charged. Many experts say that the first charge of your brand new laptop is the important one, and it can help in prolonging the life of your device.

However, there’s another reason why the first charge is essential. Before you buy the laptop, it stays in storage for quite a while.

This is why when you charge your brand new laptop, it allows the software to calibrate properly. Because if the software mistakes the battery level as low as it really isn’t, this may result in a premature shutdown.

So, how long does a brand new laptop needs to be charged? The rule of thumb is to charge the laptop for at least 4 to 5 hours.

How Long Should I Charge A Brand New Laptop?

Tips For Charging A Brand New Laptop

Different laptop companies suggest different time spans for charging laptops for the first time, which we’ll cover further in this article but first, let’s have a generalized look.

You should fully charge a new laptop before starting using it for the first time. This ensures a good starting point for the battery and the functioning of your laptop.

You can charge it longer than that as well, depending on the laptop you’ve gotten for yourself.

If you want to have a smooth gaming experience on your laptop, you must check our article on ways to keep your laptop cool while gaming.

Many people also ask whether they can use the laptop during the first charge or not?

The answer is, YES, it is okay to use a computer during its first charge. In fact, we advise you to use the laptop while the charger is plugged in because it’ll allow you to get the most out of the battery.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t unplug the laptop until it has fully charged, as it can affect the battery performance.


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Charging Your New Dell Laptop

As we mentioned earlier, different companies suggest different time spans to charge their new laptops.

Just like that, Dell has also answered the queries about charging new batteries.

According to the company, their laptops come with 40 to 60% charging which means it only takes an hour for them to charge fully.

But that isn’t the case with all the models of Dell. Some models, when turned on for the first time , run out of battery quickly.

So it’s better, before turning on your laptop, you must charge it for at least 8 to 9 hours so that it’s fully charged.

Charging Your New Lenovo Laptop

For Lenovo laptops, the charging time is different. You’ll need to charge your Lenovo laptop for about 12. You must think that’s a hard call, but you can simply leave the laptop plugged in overnight, and then you can use it in the morning!

Charging Your New HP Laptop

Hp customer support suggests that the first charge of a brand new laptop should span up to 15 hours. So once again, you can leave the laptop on charge overnight, and for the rest of the time, you can keep it plugged in and use it while it’s still charging!

Should I charge my new laptop for 8 hours?

Yes, you should charge the laptops that can be fully charged in 8 hours for that much time. We suggest that if your laptop’s user manual says that it needs 8 hours to charge fully, you shouldn’t plug it out before this, as the battery-protecting phenomenon of the laptop might end up harming it.

Should I charge my new laptop for 24 Hours?

No, we recommend not to charge the laptop battery for more than 12 hours. Putting it on charge for 24 hours will cause overcharging and the battery may swell. Many laptops need their first charge to be of at least 10-12 hours, so if you are getting a Lenovo or Hp laptop, charge it for approx. 12 hours for better performance.

Should I charge my new laptop before use?

You should always charge a new laptop before use because the battery isn’t always fully charged. Not just that, it’s also possible that for the first time, the laptop will require a power push to start and set up. Charging also provides the laptop with the energy to get its software working properly after it has stayed in storage for quite a long time.

Also, it’s not necessary that you can only start using the laptop after it’s charged and you have plugged the charger out. Instead, even when it’s plugged in, you can power it on and set it up for your daily use. This is because laptops are designed to work while charging, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Final Words

There are different myths about charging a brand new laptop. In this post, we will try to answer and clear all your confusion related to laptop charging. Purchasing a laptop is a long-term investment, and you should always start your journey with your new device on a good note. Unpack it, put it on charge and be patient so that it can charge fully. And that’s pretty much it. After that, if you are someone who uses the laptop for a long time, you should charge it every 2 to 3 hours. This way, you’ll be able to get the most out of the battery.

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