How To Connect Skyworth TV To WiFi [5 Easy Steps]

Without an internet connection, your smart and android TVs are useless. You cannot stream your favorite program or listen to your favorite songs without it.

If you have bought a new Skyworth TV and having trouble connecting it to WiFi, We’ve got your back and will guide you the right way.

Below, we have mentioned several ways to connect your Skyworth android TV to the internet with or without a remote. You can choose the most comfortable method and enter the entertainment world.

To connect your Skyworth TV to WiFi, press the Home button on the remote, move right and select Settings, choose Network, select desired WiFi name, enter username and password.

How To Connect Skyworth TV To WiFi with Remote

You can connect your skyworth smart TV to wireless internet by following these simple steps.

1. Press the Home button on your TV remote

2. Navigate and go to the Setup/Settings option.

How To Connect Skyworth TV To WiFi with Remote

3. Click on Networks, and your TV will show nearby networks.

How To Connect Skyworth TV To Internet with Remote

4. Choose your network from the list.

How To Connect Skyworth Smart TV To WiFi with Remote

5. Enter the password, and click ‘Connect’.

Your Skyworth TV has successfully been connected to the WiFi.

Connecting Skyworth TV to Wireless Internet without Remote

There are instances when you don’t have your TV remote with you. If the remote is damaged or lost, you don’t need to panic, and there are other methods you can adopt to set up WiFi on Skyworth TV.

Using a Keyboard or Mouse

connect skyworth tv to Wifi with keyboard or mouse

A simple way to connect your Skyworth android TV to WiFi is using a keyboard or mouse to your TV. You can conveniently do it by inserting the USB of your keyboard into the USB port of the TV. There you go.

You are all set to navigate the Skyworth TV settings using your keyboard. Now follow the steps mentioned above and explore the world by connecting the TV to the internet.

Connecting to WiFi Using the Manual Power Button

Some Skyworth smart TVs have a single power button, while others have multiple buttons embedded in the panel to navigate settings. Depending on the TV model, the buttons are in the middle or on one of the sides.

You can navigate between the options with a short press, whereas a long press means selecting the option. So, by this means, you can connect your Skyworth TV to WiFi.

Using Universal Remote for Skyworth TV

how to program universal remote to skyworth TV

You can also use the universal replacement remote for Connecting Skyworth TV to the internet. Pairing/programming your universal remote with the Skyworth TV is not a difficult task.

You can do it by using the code. Every universal remote can work with TVs of multiple brands. The codes are the identification numbers of the specific brand.

We have mentioned the steps below:

  • Turn ON your Skyworth TV.
  • Then, press and hold the ‘Setup’ button on the universal remote until a light starts flashing on the remote.
  • Press the TV button on your universal remote.
  • This flashing LED light shows your remote is now ready to be programmed.
  • Now enter the universal remote code for Skyworth TV. You can find this code in the instructions manual for the remote.
  • After entering the code, press and hold the power button on the universal remote, do this while pointing the remote towards the TV.
  • Release the button when the TV turns OFF.
  • Your TV is paired with the universal remote. Now turn the TV ON and navigate the setup to connect your TV to WiFi.

P.S. To know the codes and understand how you can program the RCA remotes to your Skyworth TV, you can read this article.

Why My Skyworth Smart TV is Not Connecting to WiFi?

It is because of some glitches in the TV or router. You can try various methods to fix the problem if your Skyworth TV is not connecting to the WiFi. These are:

  1. Turn your TV OFF and unplug it. Replug after 1 minute. Hopefully, your TV will connect now.
  2. The second solution is to unplug your router. Replug it after 60 seconds. It will take a minute to go online.
  3. Factory reset your Skyworth TV. It will turn your TV back to the settings when you brought it home and fix all the glitches.

You may also like to check out how to update Skyworth TV firmware.

Final Words

We hope this guide will help you if you have bought a new Skyworth TV and want to connect it to WiFi with a remote. At the same time, this write-up guides the users who have lost their remote controls and want to control and connect their Skyworth TV to WiFi without a remote. Connect your Skyworth TV to the internet and enjoy watching your favorite shows with your friends and family.

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