How To Reset Daewoo TV With and Without Remote?

If your Daewoo TV is not responding accurately to your commands or has some other picture or sound bug, fix it in no time by resetting Daewoo TV.

Not often, but your TV may start acting abnormal and you will face issues like-colored dots or stripes on the screen, blank screen, or sound glitches. To get rid of them quickly you can restore Daewoo LED or smart TV to default settings.

How To Factory Reset Daewoo TV

Resetting Daewoo TV will clear all the cache and customized settings and bring it to the default factory state. Follow the instructions below to restore Daewoo television to default settings:

  • Turn OFF your television set, if it is ON.
  • After 1 minute unplug all the cables from the TV.
  • Leave the TV set for 60 minutes. It is better to leave it overnight.
  • Now, plug in all the cables and switch ON your TV.

Your TV will be restored to the original settings and you need to set up your TV again.

Troubleshooting Daewoo TV

Here’re some of the most effective troubleshooting tips and tricks that you can use for fixing any issues with your Daewoo TV when you don’t want to reset it:

  • Make sure you keep your Daewoo TV clean, as dust, debris, and other things can cause image distortion and specks of iridescent light. Instead of using a dry cloth to clean the TV, use a soft damp piece of fabric to clean it up.
  • In case of a flickering screen, ensure that the TV is plugged into a reliable power source. Also, avoid using an extension cable and always go for an unshared electric outlet. Using a surge protector can also be helpful in such matters, as sudden changes in electrical output can subject your Daewoo TV to permanent internal hardware damage.
  • If you see any color stripes on the screen, it may be because of some interference caused by a device near your TV. To solve this issue, you’ll need to move any devices that produce a magnetic field, such as radios, stereo speakers, microwaves, etc.
  • If your TV keeps showing the “No Signal” error message, the problem is in the cable service or DTT antenna. So, check the back of your TV and ensure that the cable is connected properly to your Daewoo TV.

By using these tips and tricks, you can actually save up a lot of time and data as well.

Final Words

For a TV set, being affordable and durable at the same time is pretty much an impossible combo nowadays. Daewoo, a South Korean brand, has been competing with other brands in this matter. With this guide’s help, you’ll be able to get rid of any glitches, or other issues, as many Daewoo TV consumers have tried these methods for quick fixes. However, at times, it’s possible that your Daewoo TV might’ve some broken part or a serious problem that you can’t fix yourself. In such a situation, never try to fix it yourself; instead, call Daewoo customer care and let them help you with the problem.

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