How To Reset Ecostar TV With and Without Remote?

To factory reset Ecostar TV you need to open Menu > Settings > Recall > OK. This will restore your television to original default settings.

Promised crystal clear picture quality provided by the Ecostar TV brand is genuinely a catch, and so is the price range. However, there are some rare yet common issues that a few Ecostar TV users have faced.

These problems include a blank screen, the appearance of lines on the screen, or a noisy/snowy picture. Most of the time, the issue is not with the hardware; instead, it’s the software or settings of the TV that are messed up. Clearing the cache of the Ecostar TV or factory resetting it to its default settings can solve such problems around 90% of the time.

How To Reset Ecostar TV To Factory Settings

You must perform a soft reset on your Ecostar TV before you go for a factory reset. If that didn’t help, move on to the hard reset. Here’s how you can restore your Ecostar TV to its default settings:

  • Switch ON your Ecostar TV.
  • Locate and press the “Menu” button on the remote.
  • The TV menu will appear on the screen; select the “Gear” icon and press “OK.”
  • Now, you need to scroll down, select the “Recall” option, and press “OK.”
  • Once you do that, it will restore your Ecostar TV settings to factory settings.

When the TV reboots, you can simply set it up again and start afresh.

Even though this factory reset method will work on almost all the Ecostar TV models, it’s good to know another way to carry out the reset. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Switch ON your Ecostar TV and grab the remote.
  • Now, press these buttons in a sequence; Menu, 8, 2, 0, 2.
  • The service menu of your Ecostar TV will appear.
  • Here, you need to look for the “Restore to default” or “Recall” option, select it, and press “OK.”
  • The TV will reboot, and it’ll restore your Ecostar TV to its original settings.

If the mentioned code doesn’t work, you can also try pressing these buttons in sequence in order to open the service menu; Menu, 2, 0, 0, 8.

Factory Resetting Ecostar TV Without Remote

Ecostar TVs don’t come with a reset button which means you can only use the button panel on the TV to navigate through the menus and restore your Ecostar TV back to its factory settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Switch ON your Ecostar TV.
  • Press the “Menu” button from the button panel.
  • Now use the “Volume up & down” buttons to scroll through menus. Enter the “Gear icon/settings” option.
  • Now, select the “Recall” option and press and hold the “Channel Up” button to confirm the reset.

You can also get a universal remote or install the Ecostar LED TV remote app on your mobile. These two options are easier to use as you can even use the second method when using any of them.

So, if you can buy a universal remote, go for it. You’ll need an IR blaster-enabled phone for using the app, which might not be the case on many mobile phones.

Troubleshooting Ecostar TV

Some minor problems can be solved by troubleshooting your Ecostar TV. by doing this, you can even avoid resetting your TV, that’ll save you time and data as well.

  • For any kind of picture issue, including snowflake speckles appearing on the screen, ensure that you check the antenna or coaxial. These issues often occur due to signal problems and damaged antenna or coaxial cable.
  • If the TV picture looks fine but noisy, enter the TV system settings and reset the sound system settings.
  • When your Ecostar TV has no sound and no picture, the power cord is probably loose or damaged. Make sure you plug it into the wall socket properly and fix it if required.
  • You need to enter the picture settings and increase the color saturation for the picture with no color. Or you can enter the “TV” option and change the whole color system.
  • If your Ecostar TV isn’t responding to the remote, it’s either because of the dead batteries in the remote or because the distance between the remote and the TV is too much.

Final Words

We hope the Eco star troubleshooting and factory reset guide will help you in fixing TV issues. If your TV remote is working fine then you can reset using a remote and if the TV is not responding to the remote control then you can use the television control panel. You will also find the instructions in the Eco-Star manual. After the home remedies didn’t work then you must contact customer support for help.

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