Firestick Keeps Losing Connection [10 Causes + Fixes]

You can enjoy the streaming services of Amazon Fire TV Stick only if the signal strength of your WiFi is good. Firesticks are well known for their good and reliable performance. However, weak signals can interrupt the service and lead to constant buffering or lost connection, which can be frustrating.

After researching and performing several tests, I found some tricks to fix Amazon Firestick keeps losing connection. These methods will improve signal strength and prevent your device from disconnecting from WiFi.

To fix firestick keeps losing connection, start with restarting your Amazon Firestick and router, disable VPN, and check Ethernet cable for damages.

How To Fix Amazon FireStick Keeps Losing Connection

If your FireStick app keeps disconnecting from the internet, you can try these proven, tested methods and easy tricks for troubleshooting Fire TV Sticks.

1. Restart Your Fire TV Stick

Restarting Firestick

The first thing you need to do is to restart your Firestick. You can reboot your Fire TV Stick in multiple ways.

  • Firstly, press and hold the play and select buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. By pressing this key combination, your Fire TV Stick will automatically power Off and restart again.
  • Secondly, navigate the settings. On your Fire TV remote, press the ‘Home’ button -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘My Fire TV’ -> ‘Restart.’
  • To restart Firestick without a remote, you can unplug it or use the virtual remote on your smartphone.

2. Restart Your Router

Restarting Your Router

By restarting your WiFi router, you can troubleshoot the connectivity issue. Simply unplug all wires -> wait for 30 seconds -> and plug in the wires. It will take a couple of minutes to resume the service.

3. Cleaning Firestick Cache

Option to Clean Firestick Cache and App Data

A build-up cache also results in Firestick keeps losing the internet connection. Cleaning the temporary files will fix the problem. Here is how you can clean the Firestick cache in a swift.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ of your FireStick
  • Click on ‘Applications’
  • Click ok ‘Manage Installed Applications
  • You will get a list of apps. Select the app with the most temporary files and click ‘Clear Cache’.

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4. Update Firestick Software

Installing Firestick Firmware Update

An outdated Fire TV Stick often results in connectivity issues. Usually, the FireStick updates automatically, but you can manually check for updates if it does not.

For this, press the ‘Home’ button on your FireStick remote. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘My Fire TV’. Now check for the available ‘Updates’.

5. Delete Unauthorized Apps

If you have installed unauthorized apps on your Fire TV Stick, that may interfere with your internet connectivity.

You need to recall your memory to figure out after installation of which unauthorized application you are facing this problem. After identification, remove that app. Here is how to remove the app from the Fire TV stick.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ by pressing the ‘Home’ button on the remote.
  • Now click on ‘Applications’ -> ‘Manage Installed Applications’ -> from the list of apps, and uninstall the ones you don’t use.

This will improve the speed of your Fire TV Stick. But if the connectivity issue persists, try the next method.

6. Check Router Settings

Check the settings of your router. If it is a dual-band router, then switch to 5GHz from 2.4GHz. Or, follow the below-mentioned steps to forget the network and connect again.

Go to ‘Settings’ -> choose the ‘Network’ you are connected to -> click on the ‘Forget this network’ -> Once disconnected, enter the password again to reconnect FireStick to the internet.

7. Resetting Router To Default Settings

How To Reset Router

Image Source: Digital Trends

You can reset your WiFi router by following these steps:

  • Find the reset button on the back or bottom of your WiFi router
  • Hold down the reset button for 15 seconds
  • Release the button and wait for the router to start again

Note: Not all routers have a reset button. You can reset them by using its configuration web interface. After resetting, turn your TV on and check if the connection is stable. If not, contact your Internet Service Provider to check the issue.

8. Reset Firestick

Reset Amazon Firestick to Factory Default Settings

Unplug the FireStick from the TV and replug it after a minute. It will soft reset your TV. It will resolve minor issues like bugs or glitches. Check these guides for the process:

9. Check The HDMI Adapter

If your Firestick keeps losing the HDMI signal, it can be due to loose or faulty cable and HDMI connections. So, check and ensure that the cables and HDMI are properly connected to the TV. Or you can also insert your FireStick into another HDMI port as a second resort.

10. Check the VPN App

Sometimes the VPN app installed on your FireStick stop your device from connecting to the internet. This happens when the app is not configured properly.

You can solve this issue by uninstalling the VPN. Restart and reconnect your device after uninstalling the app and see if the connectivity issue has been resolved.

What are the causes Of Firestick keeps losing WiFi connection?

If your Amazon Fire TV Stick keeps losing the WiFi connection, it can be due to several reasons. Some common reasons are mentioned below.

  • Poor internet connection and slow speed
  • Router being far away from the device
  • Damaged or faulty cables
  • Internet service outage
  • Improper router settings
  • Too many devices connected on the same network
  • Errors, bugs, and hardware glitches
  • VPN apps

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Final Verdict

So, besides weak internet signals, a minor software or hardware glitch, low memory, or incompatible settings can also break the connection between the router and your Amazon FireStick. Also, if too many devices are connected to the router, it will affect the bandwidth and cause slow and interrupted signals. I hope the article was helpful. If you still have any queries, comment below, and we will provide you with a reliable solution.

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