How To Enable & Disable Firestick Sleep Timer?

Many Firestick users are unhappy with the device sleep feature because it doesn’t work as expected. Whatever issue you are facing, we will help you to troubleshoot firestick sleep time settings and share ways to enable and disable or change the device sleep timer.

To set Amazon firestick sleep timer, simoultaneously hold the OK and HOME button on the firestick remote for 5 seconds. Scroll light and highlight MOON like icon and press the OK button, your firestick will enter sleep mode.

Methods To Activate Fire TV Stick Sleep Timer

Amazon FireStick does have a screensaver time option, but it doesn’t give you the option for changing the sleep timer. However, you can put your TV to sleep (by choice) by following the mentioned ways.

Enabling Using FireStick Remote

Here is how you can use your FireStick remote to put it to sleep.

  • Press and hold the Home and Select button for a few seconds.
Hold Select and Home Button on Firestick
  • A Menu will open on the screen
  • Select the moon-shaped icon.
Sleep Option in Amazon Firestick
  • It puts the FireStick in sleep mode.

Amazon FireStick has a default sleep timer. The Amazon FireStick goes to sleep automatically after 20 minutes, depending on the model.

Setting Timer Using an App

If your FireStick remote is not working or is misplaced, there is no need to worry about it. You can install the Amazon Fire TV app on your mobile or tablet.

  • Click the icon that looks like the FireStick remote from the several icons at the bottom of the screen.
  • It will open the app in the remote mode
  • Select the Gear Icon (Settings button)
  • Select Sleep, and it’s done!

How to Awake Your FireStick?

Bringing your FireStick back to work from sleep is an effortless process. Just click any button on the FireStick remote or the Amazon FireStick app, and your FireStick is set to start streaming again.

What If Your FireStick Refuses to Go to Sleep?

It’s not a common FireStick behavior; however, you never know when technology will ditch you. In such a situation:

  • Turn the FireStick OFF
  • Switch it ON again
  • Open Home Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Click Restart

Or the second option is to:

  • Unplug the FireStick from the TV
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Re-plug it

How to Disable Sleep Timer on FireStick

When there is no option for setting a fire stick sleep timer, then how can there be an option to disable the sleep timer?

However, we will tell you various methods of turning off the sleep timer on FireStick. These are:

  • Using adbLink
  • Installing an app to prevent your screen from sleeping

Things to Do Before Using Either of the Methods

Whichever way you choose, you have to enable ADB Debugging and install adbLink before completing the process.

  1. Go to Settings -> My Fire TV -> Developer Options.
  2. You will find two options: Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB debugging; turn ON both of them.
  3. Secure Connection Screen pop-up will appear. Check OK.
  4. Go to Settings -> System -> About -> Network and note down your FireStick’s IP Address.
  5. Now is the time to download and install adbLink on your computer according to your operating system.

Setup Process to Build Communication between FireStick and adbLink Program

Open adbLink on your computer -> click ‘New’ -> write FireStick name in ‘Description’ -> write the pre-noted IP address in ‘Address’ -> click ‘Save’ -> click ‘Connect

Everything is going well if:

  • In the ‘Connected Devices’ box, you see your FireStick name or IP address.
  • In the ‘Connection Status’ box, ‘IP Connection’ is written.

Now is the time to choose one of the two methods. Let’s explain them one by one.

Use adbLink to Change Sleep Settings

There are two ways to use adbLink to change sleep settings on your FireStick:

1.1 Via adbLink Utility

  • Your FireStick is connected to the adbLink now. Select the ‘Utility’ menu -> click on ‘Set Timers’.
  • A pop-up window will appear.
  • Select ‘Sleep OFF’ (you can also select ‘Screen Saver OFF’) -> click ‘OK.’

1.2 Via adbLink Command Line Shell

In case of method 1.1 didn’t work, here is another way to change the sleep settings using adbLink.

Click ‘ADB Shell’ in the main window -> type ‘settings get system screen_off_timeout’ and ‘settings get secure sleep_timeout’ in the ADB Shell window -> hit ‘Enter

By entering these commands, you will see the current screensaver and sleep time settings of your FireStick on the screen. You can change the settings to disable the default sleep timeout on your FireStick.

Type ‘settings put secure sleep_timeout 0’ in the window to disable the default sleep time on your FireStick.

If you want to disable the screensaver, type, ‘settings put system screen_off_timeout 2147460000,’ and it is disabled.

Pro Tip: You can also adjust a sleep timer of your choice by converting your desired time in milliseconds and putting it in the place of ‘0’. The numeric value adbLink uses in milliseconds. There you go. You have enabled a timer of your choice.

Install an App to Disable the Sleep Timer on FireStick

In case the auto sleep mode has not been disabled by using method 1, you can:

  • Download an app from the Google Play Store. The app which we personally tested and recommend you guys is the Stay Alive app from APK Downloader.
  • Side-load it onto your FireStick. You can do this with the help of adbLink on your computer.
  • Open adbLink -> click ‘Install APK’ -> navigate and select the ‘Stay Alive App APK’ -> click ‘Yes’ in the pop-up window (confirmation for installation)
  • A pop-up window saying ‘Installed’ will appear after a while.
  • In the apps section of your TV home screen, you can see the Stay Live app, open it, and activate it.
  • It’s all set, and sleep timeout is disabled.

P.S. If the app doesn’t work when opened for the first time, don’t worry; close and reopen it, and it will work fine.

FreeTime App

Freetime is an app that you can install on your FireStick through the Amazon App Store. This app helps you to set time limits (for kids only).

You can select the programs your child may watch and set the time for how long he can watch.

Launch the app -> Set Daily Goals & Time Limits -> Choose the time

Secondly, you can set the ‘Turn off by’ time through this app. It will automatically turn off the program when the clock ticks the predetermined time.

Does Amazon fire stick support the sleep timer?

No, Amazon firestick doesn’t have a sleep timer option. You can turn ON or OFF the sleep settings but cannot change its time.

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Final Words

Amazon fire stick sleep timer not supported has become a known issue. By following the above-mentioned ways, you can conveniently enable and disable the sleep timer on FireStick. Also, you will be happy to see your fire TV sleep timer disabled and no interruption of auto sleep after every 20 minutes. Now you can enjoy streaming your favorite programs up until you wish. After that, put your device to sleep to save energy without interfering with the updates.

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