How To Fix Hisense TV Sound Out Of Sync?

Many factors can cause your Hisense TV audio video sync problem, such as:

  • Temporary software glitches
  • Old operating system
  • Incorrect soundbar or TV audio settings issue
  • Issues with the HDMI connection

To fix the Hisense TV audio video sync issue, turn ON the TV AV sync settings, check the audio output on the cable box, reboot or power cycle your TV, or clear the cache.

Methods Of Fixing Hisense TV Sound Issue

Following are some ways to troubleshoot Hisense TV with an out-of-sync sound.

1. Restart Hisense Smart TV

Following are the methods to restart your Hisense TV with or without a remote.

Restarting TV Without A Remote

Turn Off your TV -> unplug from the main power source -> wait for a few minutes -> plug it back in -> turn On.

Restart The TV With A Remote

  • Click the home button on your Hisense TV remote
  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Select ‘Device Preferences
  • Click on ‘About
  • Select ‘Restart’
  • Confirm by clicking on ‘Restart’ again

2. Power Cycle Hisense TV

Power cycling closes the internal processes and restarts your TV. Therefore, this trick effectively in-syncing the sound and enjoying your favorite show.

  • Turn On your TV and hold the power button until the TV turns Off.
  • Wait for 30 seconds when it is turned Off.

Now turn the TV On again and see if the TV voice sync issue is resolved.

3. Turn On TV’s AV Sync Adjustment

Turning on Hisense TV’s AV sync adjustment can fix the audio delay issue. To enable this function, follow these instructions:

  • Press the Home button on your Hisense TV remote
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ and go to the ‘Sound Settings
  • Select the ‘AV Sync Adjustment’ option and turn it on
  • In the ‘Audio Out Slider’ you can make adjustments according to your preferences.

4. Clear Hisense TV Cache

Cache build not only slows down your TV’s performance but also other issues and lip syncing is one of them.

Clearing cache has worked for many users, here’s how to do it:

Clearing Cache On Hisense VIDAA Smart TV

  • Press the Home button on the Hisense remote.
  • Navigate to Settings and then select System.
  • Go to Application Settings.
  • Select Clear Cache option and then click Clear.
  • Now, select Delete Cookies option and clear it.

Clearing Cache On Android Hisense TV

  • Press the Home button on the Hisense remote.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, navigate to Device Preferences.
  • Scroll down and select Storage option and then choose Internal Storage.
  • Choose Cached Data and then click OK for clearing cache.

Clearing Cache On Hisense Roku TV

Here is a quick trick to remove cache from your roku TV using a remote or Roku remote app:

  • Grab the remote and press Home button 5 times -> Up button 1 time -> Rewind button 2 times -> FastForward button 2 times.
  • Wait for a few seconds or until your TV reboot.
  • When your TV will turn ON its cache will be cleared.

5. Update Hisense TV Firmware

Sometimes an, outdated firmware can cause a sound picture syncing problem. Updating your Hisense TV firmware can fix this problem.

Follow these steps to check if your Hisense TV needs to upgrade its OS.

  • Connect your TV to the Wi-Fi network to receive updates
  • Open ‘Settings’ from the home page
  • In settings, select ‘System’ and then go to ‘System Updates’
  • Your Hisense TV will search for available updates
  • If available, press ‘Install Update’

Note: Turn on the ‘Auto Firmware Upgrade’ on your Hisense TV under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Support’ -> ‘System Update’ for automatic future firmware updates.

6. Reset TVs Audio Settings

By navigating the Hisense TV’s audio settings you can bring the sound in synchronization. To do that, follow these steps.

  • On the Home screen, navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Device Preferences
  • Select ‘Sound’ 
  • Choose the ‘Reset to Default’ option
  • Press ‘OK’ to confirm your changes

7. Change The Audio Output On The Cablebox

The lip sync problem on your Hisense TV may not be related to the TV but to the cable box.

To determine if this is the case, consider switching the audio output on your cable box from Dolby to PCM. To make this adjustment, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ on your Hisense TV
  • Select ‘Sound’ and choose ‘Digital Audio Out’ 
  • Change your preference to ‘PCM

Now, see if the audio sync issue has been resolved. If not, try the next trick.

8. Factory Reset Hisense TV

Resetting your TV will wipe all your data and preferences, reverting it to a new television.

Each Hisense smart TV model has a different reset process. To factory restore your Hisense TV to default settings, follow the reset instructions on this page.

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your Hisense TV
  • Select ‘Storage’ 
  • Click on ‘Reset
  • Choose ‘Factory Data Reset
  • If your Hisense TV asks for a PIN, enter the default PIN ‘0000

Each Hisense smart TV model has a different reset process. If these steps don’t work for you, try the following process:

  • Tap the ‘Menu’ button onyour remote
  • Select ‘Support’ and then ‘Self Diagnosis
  • Choose the ‘Reset’ option and enter your PIN (0000)

After that, your Hisense TV will begin the factory reset. The whole process takes 15-30 seconds.

Hisense TV And Soundbar Out Of Sync

If you have connected a soundbar with your Hisense TV but the audio is not in sync, you can try to fix the issue by following the tricks below.

  • Ensure that the optical and HDMI cables connecting the soundbar and the Hisense TV are firmly connected.
  • Ensure your soundbar is connected to the ‘HDMI ARC’ or ‘HDMI eARC’ ports.
  • Power cycle both devices (Soundbar and TV)
  • Update the firmware of the soundbar and your Hisense TV.
  • Change your TV’s ‘Digital Audio Output’ from ‘Auto’ to ‘PCM’. Press the ‘Home’ button on the TV remote -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Sound’/’Audio’ -> ‘Digital Audio Output’ -> ‘PCM
  • Change the audio settings of the soundbar. Set the select source on the soundbar to ‘TV eARC’ -> press the ‘Sound Control’ button on the remote -> ‘Audio Sync’ -> ‘Audio Delay
  • Ensure your internet is working properly.
  • Factory reset both the soundbar and Hisense TV.

Hisense TV Audio Video Sync Issue On Playstation

If you have connected Playstation with your Hisense TV and are experiencing audio delays while gaming, changing game mode settings will fix your concern.

  • Press the ‘Home’ button on your Hisense TV remote
  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Click on ‘TV Picture Settings
  • Turn on ‘Game Mode
  • If the ‘Game Mode’ is already turned on, turn it off to see if the issue is resolved.

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Final Thoughts

The Hisense smart TV lip sync problem is very frustrating, and it can ruin the fun of your favorite show or movie. It is not only you facing this problem, there are many other users who have reported this issue on different forums. I have proposed some working solutions, that will help you to get rid of the issue. I hope the above mentioned tricks are helpful to solve the Hisense TV audio and picture lip sync issue. However, if none of these methods work, you must contact the customer services team of Hisense TV. They will guide you to solve the issue. If you have any suggestions or queries, comment in the section below.

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