How To Fix Roku Won’t Connect To Hotspot [Proven Solutions]

Connecting your Roku stick or TV to your mobile’s Hotspot is not a difficult task. However, sometimes, due to some technical issues and minor glitches, you may experience difficulty in doing so.

We have gathered multiple reasons behind the problem and their solutions to help you solve the issue and establish a hotspot connection.

To fix Roku not connecting to Hotspot, you must ensure that you have entered the correct password and there are no device limitations and limited data issues on your smartphone.

Why My Roku Is Not Connecting to Hotspot?

Your Roku TV might not be connecting to the mobile Hotspot due to several reasons, like:

  • Weak signals
  • Device restriction
  • Roku firmware issues
  • Hotspot password problems

Methods To Fix Roku Hotspot Connectivity Issue

Here are some ways you can try to connect your Roku TV to a hotspot successfully.

1. Strengthening Hotspot Signal

Follow these steps to strengthen the Hotspot singal and have better internet connectivity on your Roku TV or stick.

  • Restart your hotspot device
  • Move your hotspot device close to the Roku TV to remove interference and improve the signal strength
  • Decrease the number of devices connected to your Hotspot

2. Check Device Limitations

Sometimes, a limited number of devices are allowed to connect with your Hotspot.

To increase the number of devices, follow these steps:

For Android Devices

  • Go to ‘Settings‘ on your Android device
  • Select ‘Network & Internet‘ or a similar option, depending on your device
  • Look for ‘hotspot‘ or ‘Personal hotspot‘ and tap on it
  • Access the ‘Connected Devices‘ option and increase the number of devices allowed to connect with your Hotspot.

For iOS Devices

  • First, go to ‘Settings‘ on your iOS device
  • Scroll down and access the ‘Personal Hotspot’ option
  • Now tap on ‘Max Number of Connections’ and increase the number of devices allowed to connect with your Hotspot.

3. Roku Compatibility Issue

A compatibility mismatch between your Roku TV and Hotspot might cause connection issues.

Before establishing a connection, ensure to clarify which standards and network options your smart TV is compatible with. 

Roku TVs support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards, functioning at either 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies.

If your Hotspot does not support any of these connection standards or frequency bands, it won’t connect to your Roku TV.

To change the band settings on your smartphone, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Changing Band Setting For iPhone Hotspot

  • Open ‘Settings
  • Tap ‘Personal Hotspot
  • Toggle On the ‘Maximize Compatibility’ option

Changing Band Setting For Android Hotspot

  • In ‘Settings’ tap on ‘Connection & Sharing.’
  • Tap on ‘Portable Hotspot
  • Go to the ‘Set up Portable Hotspot
  • On the AP band, switch to your desired bandwidth

4. Hotspot Password Issues

It would help to consider the compatibility of your hotspot network’s name (SSID) and password when connecting to your Roku stick or TV.

Your Roku device may face difficulties in connecting to networks with certain characters that are not supported by its operating system.

These unsupported characters can include symbols like quotation marks or other special characters.

If your hotspot password contains these unsupported characters, your Roku TV will be unable to establish a connection with it.

Therefore, you should use alphanumeric characters and avoid special symbols when configuring your network settings.

It will ensure a successful connection between your Roku TV and your Hotspot.

5. Limited Data Issue

Roku TVs require an excellent connection to stream content smoothly without any issues.

Your Roku TV might struggle to connect to your Hotspot due to its slow connection speed or limited data.

Check your hotspot data plan and speed to ensure it is suitable for your Roku TV.

If not, upgrading the data plan and speed can troubleshoot the issue.

6. Restart Your Roku TV

  • First, go to ‘Settings
  • Select the ‘System‘ option in the settings
  • Choose the ‘Power‘ option and select ‘System Restart
  • Select ‘Restart

Restarting your Roku TV refreshes the software and removes any errors or bugs that might be causing network and other issues.

7. Reset Your Hotspot Settings

  • Open ‘Settings
  • Go to the ‘Hotspot’ or ‘Personal Hotspot’ option available
  • Change the name (SSID) and password of your Hotspot. Make sure the characters are supported by your Roku TV
  • Restart your Hotspot device and try connecting to your Roku TV

Note: If you are using an iPhone, leave the hotspot menu on the screen while connecting to your Roku TV.

8. Perform A Network Reset On Your Roku TV

To reset Roku streaming stick or TV network settings, follow these Steps:

  • On your Roku device, open ‘Settings‘ from the home page
  • Select ‘System‘ and then ‘Advanced System Settings’
  • Click on ‘Network Connection Reset
  • Now, restart your Roku TV and check if the issue is resolved or not

9. Update The Firmware Of Your Roku TV

Sometimes, your Roku TV software can cause Roku internet connectivity issues.

To avoid this, make sure the software on your Roku TV is up to date. If not, follow these steps to update your Roku device software.

Note: For this method, you need to connect your Roku TV to another wireless network. Once the firmware is updated, you can try connecting your TV to a mobile tethering or Hotspot.

  • Connect your Roku TV to the Wi-Fi network to receive updates
  • Open ‘Settings
  • Select ‘System‘ and then ‘System Updates
  • Your Roku TV will search for available updates using the Wi-Fi network
  • If updates are available, press ‘Install Update
  • Let your Roku TV reboot and see if the issue is resolved

If the reason behind getting a Hotspot connection is not getting WiFi connectivity. You can use an ethernet cable to connect your Roku to the internet.

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I hope the methods we have mentioned above are helpful in connecting your Roku stick or TV to the mobile internet. However, if the methods do not work for you, you should get professional help, as it may be a hardware issue. You can also contact the support of Roku TV, as they can assist you further with your problem and help you in solving the issue. We will be pleased to hear from you. If you have any questions or suggestions, jot them down in the section below.

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