How To Turn Off Voice Narrator On Vizio TV [2024]

To disable voice narration on Vizio smart TV, go to TV settings, open accessability, select TalkBack and turn it OFF. Your TV will stop talking.

With every new TV model, Vizio introduces some new features, but not all new enhancements are good. Some features irritate the viewer, and one of them is the voice narrator.

This feature in Vizio TV is added for people with some visual disability. However, it is in pain in the as* for others. It distracts and ruins the experience. If that’s the case, you might want to learn how to disable the voice assistant on your Vizio TV.

How To Turn Off Voice Assistant On Vizio Smart TV

Below are step-by-step instructions to turn off the talkback function on Vizio TV. You can do it either by using a remote or without a remote.

1. Switch ON your Vizio smart TV.

2. Grab the Vizio remote and press the Menu button.

Menu Button on Vizio Remote

3. A settings panel will appear on the left. Navigate down, select System, and press the OK button on the remote.

System Option in Vizio Smart TV

4. Again, press the Down arrow key on the remote and open the Accessibility option.

Accessibility Option in Vizio TV

5. The first option you will see in the Accessibility menu is the Talk Back. Press the OK button on the remote and select OFF.

Turning OFF Talk Back Voice Narrator in Vizio TV

That’s it! Your TV won’t narrate anything now.

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There are cases when your TV provides voice guidance even after turning off the narrator option.

If you are facing a similar situation, it can be due to a cable or satellite box connected to your TV. Check the settings of the attached devices and fix them.

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Why is the Vizio narrator not turning off on my smart TV?

If you have tried everything and still the Talk Back option is not turning off, resetting Vizio TV is your last resort.

This will erase everything from the TV and fix all the glitches. Check how to reset Vizio TV without a remote to restore your device to default settings.

How to turn off the narrator on Vizio Smart TV?

Follow this instruction sequence to turn off Vizio TV narrator quickly: Menu – System – Accessibility – Talk Back – Off. Your TV won’t talk anymore.

Why is my Vizio TV narrating everything?

Vizio introduced a new Talk Back feature in their Smart TVs in 2017. This feature is for people with any kind of visual impairment and helps them by narrating the options. Just like Vizio TV demo mode, this feature is enabled by default, and you have to disable it from the TV settings.

Final Words

After following our guide, we hope you will effortlessly turn off your voice on Vizio TV. From our experience, we know it is a frustrating feature and must be disabled to have peace of mind. If, after following the mentioned steps, you still failed to make your Vizio TV stop talking, let us know in the comments.

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