How To Update Skyworth TV Software? [Quick Ways]

Outdated software versions on your Skyworth TV can cause issues like unresponsive screen, restarting itself, or incompatible apps. It also increases the risk of bugs and doesn’t run the apps smoothly.

To tackle these issues, Skyworth keeps launching new system updates. Firmware updates are installed automatically when the Skyworth TV is connected to a WiFi. But if your TV doesn’t upgrade its software to a newer version, you must do it manually.

To install Skyworth TV firmware updates, press Home button on the remote, go to Settings, select Device Preferences, scroll down to About and choose Software Update.

Quick Ways To Update Skyworth TV Firmware

There are two ways to upgrade Skyworth TV software – online and offline. We have mentioned the step-by-step guide for both methods.

You can update the software of your Skyworth android TV online by following these steps.

  • Press the Home button on the remote. 
  • On the Home page, navigate to Settings and press OK.
  • Click on Device Preferences -> About -> System Update -> and download the updates available online for your Skyworth TV.

Manually Updating TV System Software Using a USB

To perform this task, you need to have the following:

  • A flash drive (8 or 16GB) – formatted as FAT 32
  • Updated software of Skyworth TV. The software is available on various websites.
Manually Update Skyworth Software Using a USB

Steps to Follow

  • Firstly, download the software from an authentic website according to your TV model. You can search for your TV model on the website.
  • Transfer the software into the root file of the flash drive.
  • Now insert the flash drive into the USB port 2.0 of your Skyworth TV. 
  • Unplug your TV from the power source.
  • Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Meanwhile, plug the TV into the power source and release the power button when you see an update progress bar appearing on your TV screen. 
  • It will take almost half an hour for the update to be completed.

Updating Skyworth 32E2000 and 32E2000D Android Digital TV

Important Notice: Skyworth 32E2000 comes with two types of panels – N80 and N85. Ensure the panel number before updating because both have different softwares. For example, installing an Android 11 update of one panel on the other will result in an inverted display or discoloration.

Spot the Difference

You can check the panel number of your 32E2000 Skyworth TV by entering the factory settings of your TV. You can do it by pressing the ‘Source’ button on the remote. Press ‘3 1 9 5’ number keys after pressing the source button. You can see the panel number on your TV screen.

Another way to check the panel number is by opening the back cover of your TV and seeing the sticker.

Update to the Latest Version of Skyworth TV OS

  • After knowing the panel number, download the respective software on your computer. Open the unzipped folder and transfer the file named “Install” to the USB root directory.
  • Now insert the USB into the USB port of your TV. 
  • Press the ‘Source’ button followed by ‘1 3 9 5’ digits on your original Skyworth TV remote.
  • Now navigate up and down with your Skyworth TV remote, locate, and press Software update USB
  • A pop-up confirmation message will appear. Press ‘Yes’ using the right arrow key on your remote.
  • The TV will restart on its own.
  • A few seconds later, a progress bar will appear on your TV screen, saying, ‘Please do not turn off the power!
  • The system will restart automatically after seeing the message Install Completed! on your TV screen.
  • Now set up your Skyworth TV from scratch with updated software.

Upgrading Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV Software

Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV is available with different job numbers. Therefore, the software’s compatibility depends on your TV’s job number.

Update Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV Software

Check the Job Number

  • To check the job number of your 49U2 Skyworth TV, see the back. There will be a sticker with a printed job number on it.
  • You can also open the back cover of your TV and see the job number on the main board. 

Note: Sometimes, the job number on the main board differs from the one printed on the back of the TV. You must trust the number on the main board.

  • Now download the Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV software according to the job number.
  • Ensure to format the USB drive to FAT 32.
  • Transfer the ‘MstarUpgrade.bin’ file to the USB.
  • Turn OFF the TV -> insert the flash drive into the TV USB port -> Plug in the TV, and turn it ON.
  • On your remote, press ‘Menu’ -> locate ‘Settings’ -> ‘Software Update (USB)’ -> and ‘Enter’ 
  • The TV will turn OFF, and a progress bar will appear on the TV screen.
  • The TV will restart automatically when the progress bar reaches 100%. This procedure will take approx. 10 minutes.

If you have issues with your television, you can check out how to reset Skyworth TV.

How To Know My Skyworth TV Model

Usually, the model number of your TV is mentioned on a sticker pasted on the back side of your TV. Press the Menu button on your TV’s original remote if the sticker is not intact.

Select ‘Settings’ -> ‘Support’ -> ‘System info’ -> ‘About’ -> you will see your TV’s model number on the screen.

Final Words

So, to keep your Skyworth TV working properly and efficiently, you need to keep the system updated. It is recommended to set your TV to update the software automatically. However, if it does not update independently, you can manually do it by following the above methods. With just a few steps to follow, your TV is set to run upgraded apps and programs.

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