Roku Streaming Stick Remote Not Working [Quick Fixes]

The Roku remote is a simple-looking yet easy-to-operate controller. It allows you to control the Roku streaming stick functions without moving an inch from your couch.

However, sometimes the Roku remote stops working due to technical glitches. To troubleshoot the Roku remote, you must know your remote type. If you are a Roku TV user, you can fix the problem by resetting Roku TV.

To fix roku remote not working, check your remote batteries, ensure it is paired correctly, check internet connectivity, or reset the remote if needed.

Which Remote Does Roku Streaming Stick Support?

Roku streaming stick voice remotes are of two types, one with standard batteries and the other with a rechargeable battery called the Roku voice pro remote.

Similarly, there are two types of Roku voice remotes with standard batteries, one with a pairing button (with a microphone pinhole beneath the power button) and the other without a pairing button (with a microphone pinhole at the left of the power button).

Here we are specifically discussing the malfunctioning of the Roku streaming stick remote, that is, the voice remote with standard batteries and a pinhole at the left of the power button.

Causes Of Roku Remote Stop Working

Let’s see some of the common reasons that cause the Roku remote to stop working.

  • Sometimes dirty or corroded battery terminals cause the remote to malfunction.
  • Issues like low battery, a simple technical glitch, or system updates cause the remote to unpair from the TV.
  • Wireless interference through the Roku streaming stick that is directly connected to the HDMI port of your TV can cause your remote to malfunction.
  • Poor wireless connection or interrupted signals can also lead to an unresponsive Roku remote.

Roku Streaming Stick Remote Not Working [Quick Fixes]

After identifying the type of remote, you can follow one of the solutions suggested below to make the remote work again.

Check the Batteries

Here are some quick methods to check the batteries of both the Roku voice remote and Roku voice pro.

  • Troubleshoot The Standard Battery Voice Remote

If you are using the Roku voice remote with standard batteries, remove the batteries from the compartment. Replace them after 5 seconds. Wait for 30 seconds to let the remote connection to the device. 

If the status indicator flashes on pressing the voice button, the batteries are ok. If it does not, remove the old batteries and replace them with a pair of new ones.

  • Troubleshoot Rechargeable Voice Remote (Roku Voice Pro Remote)

If you are using the universal Roku voice pro remote, you can charge its batteries by connecting the charging cable to the remote.

Connect the micro-USB end with the remote and the other with the standard USB power adaptor. The status light will start flashing. It will turn to a solid green when the batteries are fully charged. 

Re-Pairing Your Remote With The Device

  • You can do it by disconnecting the power supply from the streaming device.
  • After 5 seconds, reconnect the power cable.
  • Wait for a few seconds and the Home screen will appear on your TV.
  • Put your remote into pairing mode within 30 seconds of the appearance of the Home screen on your TV.
  • To put the remote in pairing mode, remove both batteries from the battery compartment of the remote and reinsert the batteries.
  • Press and hold the Home and Back buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • The status light will start flashing. (The status light is under the plastic cover at the left of the power button beside the microphone pinhole.)
  • Within 30 seconds your remote will establish a connection with your Roku streaming device.

Note: If the status light does not flash, replace the batteries of the remote.

Use An HDMI Extension Cable

To minimize the wireless interference from the HDMI connector, remove the Roku streaming stick from the TV and use an HDMI extension cable to connect the streaming stick to the TV. Moving the stick away from the TV will help the remote to perform better.

Check Your Wireless Network

Interrupted or intermittent wireless signals can be due to the automatic selection of a wireless network by your router. 

Disable the auto-search and try to manually select a channel. You can download a wireless analyzer app on your smartphone to find an uncongested channel on your router.

A 5GHz wireless network is appropriate for your streaming stick. Try to enable it if your router and streaming stick both support a 5GHz wireless network.

Check The Position Of Your Router

The distance between the router and your streaming stick plays a vital role in the strength of the signals.

Try to move the router a little farther if it is placed very close to the device. It will improve the signal strength and the working of the remote too.

Check If The Remote Is Getting Hot While Usage

If the remote gets hot while in use, it is an indication of corroded alkaline batteries. Stop using the remote.

Place it on a hard non-flammable surface and remove the batteries once it is cooled down. Put new batteries in the compartment.

And if you are using a Roku voice pro remote, disconnect the charging cable from the remote if it is getting hot. 

Upgrade Your Streaming Stick

Pending updates can also be one of the reasons for the improper functioning of the remote.

Check if your streaming stick has skipped an update. Update the stick and restart it to check if the remote is working appropriately now.

Reset Your Roku Streaming Stick Or Remote

Other ways to troubleshoot your Roku voice remote is to:

  • Reset Roku stick remote
  • Reset Roku stick
  • Reset Roku TV

You can follow them if the previously mentioned methods didn’t resolved the issue.

Alternate Solutions To Get Rid Of The Situation

If you are still facing the issues, you can try any of the solutions given below.

Get A Roku Stick Replacement Remote

Besides fixing the remote, you can also use alternative methods to control your Roku stick. One of them is to get a Roku replacement remote.

Roku has the replacement for all three remote types – simple, voice, and voice pro remotes. You can get one that is compatible with your Roku device. 

Note: There are many unofficial Roku replacement remotes available in the market. Most of them only support infrared connections. So, be careful while purchasing the replacement remote and check the device compatibility.

Get A Universal Remote For Roku

Another alternative is to use a universal remote to control Roku stick, express, ultra, and streambar. As per our findings RCA is the best universal remote for Roku. After getting the remote, you can pair it with your device using the guides below:

Use Roku Remote App

The other simple and convenient method is to download and install the Roku mobile app on your smartphone. After installation, launch the app and choose your streaming device.

This app provides you with a virtual remote. You can control and navigate the settings with this mobile app very effectively.


Is There A Universal Roku Remote?

Yes, there are many universal remotes that work perfectly with your Roku devices. However, the compatibility differs in each remote. Some remotes only work with Roku TVs, while there are a few options that work well with Roku streaming devices.

Can I Use Roku Stick Without Remote?

Roku mobile app is a simple and easy way to control your Roku stick without a remote. Download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet and use the virtual remote to control the Roku stick.

Do All Remotes Work For Roku?

Not all remotes are interchangeable. There are two types of remotes:

  • Simple remotes that support IR connections
  • Enhanced remotes that work with RF (Radio Frequency)

The IR remotes work well with devices like Roku Stream Bar or Soundbar. However, with the Roku streaming sticks, only the RF remotes work. Similarly, some remotes are brand specific. They work only with their own smart TVs and don’t respond when used with other brand TVs. 

Final Words

Glitches are a part of technology. But with simple tricks and tips, we can handle many simple problems. So, you can enjoy using your voice commands to control the Roku streaming stick remote anytime. If you find some issues in the remote working, use the methods mentioned above, and hopefully, your remote will start working again.

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