How To Scan For Channels On Vizio TV? [4 Best Ways]

If you cannot find your favorite channel on Vizio TV, you can do a quick scan to see if it is available in your area or not. You may also need to perform a scan when there is a change in the frequency of your local broadcast, or you have purchased a new Vizio TV.

In our quick guide, we will share some easy steps that we tested to scan channels on Vizio TV with or without a remote. The channel scan method differs from model to model.

To scan a new channel on Vizio TV, Press the Input button on the remote, select TV or DTV option, next press the Menu button, and select Find Channels.

How To Scan Channels On Vizio TV Without Remote

If you do not have a Vizio remote or cannot use it for any other reason, you can manually scan TV channels on your Vizio device. 

You will find the menu, enter, and arrow buttons required for scanning on the left side of Vizio TV. These buttons are identical to those on your Vizio remote. Follow these simple steps to run channel auto scan without the remote:

  • Press the input button on your Vizio TV multiple times until you get the TV input option.
  • Press the menu button.
  • Press the Channel up/down buttons on your Vizio TV to highlight the TV menu.
  • Now press the menu button again. TV menu options will appear.
  • Then choose the Tuner mode by pressing the up and down arrow buttons.
  • Press the left and right buttons to select an antenna or cable (it depends on which one is connected to your Vizio TV).
  • Now again, press the up and down buttons to select Auto-Search.
  • Scan the channels available in your area by pressing the menu button.

How to Run Vizio TV Channel Scan with Remote

Method 1

You can scan the channels on your Vizio smart TV with the help of coaxial input. Follow these easy steps to perform the scan with your Vizio TV remote:

  • Press the input button on the remote and choose TV input (coaxial). (You may need to press it multiple times to get the TV input option).
  • Now open the on-screen menu.
  • Choose the TV or Tuner option.
  • Highlight Tuner and then select from these two options: Antenna or Cable.
  • Choose Auto Channel Scan or Auto-Search.
  • Exit to the menu once the search is 100% completed.
  • Now check the available channels:

For Antenna: Press the channel + and channel – buttons on your TV remote.

For Satellite Box or Cable: Use the channel up and down buttons of your cable or satellite remote.

If you still cannot run the channel scan, power cycle your Vizio TV and then re-run the scan.

Method 2

It is the alternative method to scan the channels on your Vizio TV.

  • Grab your TV remote and press the menu button.
  • Select the Guided Setup.
  • Now select channel setup.
  • Then choose the Antenna.

How Do I Manually Add Channels To My Vizio TV?

To add channels manually to your Vizio TV, use the partial channel search in the Tuner menu.

Highlight the partial channel search in the Tuner menu and press ok.

Now highlight the scan mode and choose the channel type you are adding: Digital, Analog, or Analog/Digital.

Then Highlight From Channel and add the channel you want to begin the scan by using the number pad on the remote.

Then highlight To Channel and add the channel you want to end the scan on. Highlight the start option. 

Now press ok. The partial channel scan will begin. Wait till the search is 100% completed, and then choose done. Press the exit button on your Vizio TV remote.

Why Won’t My Vizio TV Scan Channels?

If your Vizio TV is not scanning the channels, check the input. Ensure that TV input is selected. To run the channel scan, ensure to connect with a coaxial cable input.

If the issue is not with your input selection or coaxial cable, the problem may be with the antenna or Vizio TV setup, due to which the auto scan is not finding the channels. Sometimes performing a Vizio TV reset fixes this issue.

How Can I Get Local Channels On My Vizio TV?

Connect your Vizio TV to an external antenna to get the local channels on it. You can use an HDMI cable, coaxial cable, or component cable to connect both.

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Final Words

We hope our quick guide will help you scan the channels on your remote TV. The process is simple and automated. These steps force your Vizio TV to enter into the automated scanning process. Your TV does not start the scan process itself or add the new channels because in doing so, it would interfere with your current watch. It will be frustrating when you are streaming your favorite drama, movie, or live sports. You can scan the channels with your Vizio TV remote or manually with the buttons on the left side of your TV.  Furthermore, use a partial channel search to add any local channel on your Vizio TV. If you face any other technical issues, contact the customer support team at Vizio TV for further technical guidance.

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