3 Quick Ways To Update Vizio Smart TV Firmware

Vizio releases firmware updates for its smart TVs as needed. These updates are necessary to:

  • Enhance TV performance
  • Fix potential bugs
  • Get new features
  • Improve current features

One way to install firmware update on Vizio Smart TV is press the Menu button on the remote, go to System and choose Check for Updates, if the update is available install it.

It is also required to install the latest firmware on Vizio TV to make it compatible with your favorite streaming apps. Below we have shared the 3 best ways that we tested to update Vizio TV firmware to enjoy a glitches-free and smooth user experience.

How To Update Vizio Smart TV Firmware

Let’s quickly get to each method and decide for yourself which method is most convenient to use.

Updating Software Automatically

Automatic updates are enable by default. However, you need to ensure below given things:

  • An Active Internet Connection: If your Wi-Fi connection is strong and running smoothly, the Vizio Smart TV will automatically look for software updates. If the firmware servers have any updates for the TV, the update is queued up.
  • TV Should Be Switched ON: Vizio firmware updates starts when the TV is in a powered-on state. If the update is taking place and you switch off the TV, the update will be interrupted and get stopped. It will resume when you power on the TV again.

The TV will not be harmed in the process. Once the update is complete, you will see a New Update Was Installed notification.

Updating Vizio Smart TV Software Manually

To manually run an update check to find out if the Vizio Smart TV is already updated or has a firmware update lined up, follow these steps.

Step 1: Turn on your TV and connect it to a WIFI

  • A manual update is possible only when the TV is powered on and connected to a stable WiFi connection.

Step 2: Use your remote to navigate to the updated software menu

  • Press the V Button on your remote which opens a long queue of options under the ‘TV Settings’ tag.

Step 3: Checking Updates

  • Next, select the System > Check for updates. The TV will start searching for updates if any.
System Option in Vizio TV
Checking Updates on Vizio TV Manually

Step 4: Complete the Process

  • If there is an update available, install it and keep the TV turned on throughout the installation. It might take a few minutes for the update to finish.
Vizio TV Software Update in Progress

The TV will restart twice: once when the download is complete and the second time when the software update is completely installed.

Updating Firmware With A USB

Updating Vizio Smart TV Software Manually

If your Vizio smart TV is outdated, the company’s official website is another readily option to download the latest firmware.

You need to download new software for your specific TV model into your PC and then install it on the TV using a USB flash drive.

This is a go-to option if your internet connection is not strong enough or the wifi signals coverage to the TV is low.

Here is how you can manually install Vizio firmware via USB:

Step 1: Vizio USB Requirements

  • The Vizio support team recommends using a USB drive with ample space (at least 2GB). The USB should not have any files in it and must be FAT/FAT32 formatted.

Step 2: Download the Updated Firmware

  • Use your PC or laptop, and visit Vizio’s Firmware Search Page. Here you will be asked to enter your TV’s serial number which is found at the back of the TV and also on the box it came in.
  • Click on Get Firmware Data to check if new updates are available. You can start downloading the updates on your computer.

Step 3: Extract Downloaded Files

  • The software is downloaded in one or two zip folders. Unzip or extract the folders and transfer the files to your USB and then disconnect the USB from the PC.

Step 4: Installing Updates

  • Unplug the cord of the TV from the power outlet. Insert the USB into the USB port of The TV while it is off. Now switch on the TV again.

The blinking of a LED light will indicate that the TV is reading the firmware update file and the installation is in progress.

Wait until the flashing stops. This means the update is complete and you can now take off your USB and power on the TV with the remote.

Step 5: Confirm Update Has Been Made

To make sure the TV system has got updated, you can perform a verification test.

Simply use the Vizio Smart TV remote and press Menu. Using The up/down navigation arrows, select:

System > OK > System Information > OK

The firmware version displayed on the screen must match the one you downloaded on your PC.

This confirms that your TV is now running the latest firmware launched by Vizio for that specific model.

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Final Words

Now that you are well equipped with all the methods to update Vizio smart TV to the latest firmware. After this, you will be able to enjoy the newly launched features and a smoother, improved user experience.

One tip to never miss out on any update is to enable the ‘Auto Firmware Update’ so that your Vizio Smart TV runs on the latest firmware always. We hope you will find this guide helpful next time when you feel your TV is due for a software update.

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