Vizio TV Channels Missing? [8 Ways To Get Them Back]

From reasonable pricing to good picture quality, Vizio TV has all the high-end features a customer might be looking for. One problem that many of them reported is Vizio TV channels are missing.

Ultimately, with some self-experimentation, we came up with this quick guide to help you sort out things and get back the missing Vizio TV channels. You may also like to learn how to watch local channels on Vizio smart TV.

To fix the Vizio TV channels missing issue, you can run a channel scan again. If it doesn’t work, we suggest you reset your Vizio Smart TV and run the channel’s tuner again. Read on to get more details and learn other methods to fix this issue.

Tourbleshooting Missing Vizio TV Channels Issue

To begin with, you need to go through some basic things to ensure that everything is perfect from your side. Here is a quick checklist;

1. Basic Solution

  • Ensure that Vizio TV has a proper power supply and the cords are securely connected on both sides.
  • Replace old cables as they tend to wear and tear with time.
  • Always buy replacements from a Vizio Store to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Check the ports in case your Vizio TV is not detecting channels, as it may get damaged with use.
  • Clearly, every model of Vizio Smart TV has different features and, thus, different troubleshooting settings. Know the model number and the year of release of your television whenever you search for solutions online or contact the service center.

2. Check Vizio TV Input Settings

Incorrect input selection or hiding the input of your TV can cause a channel missing issue. Follow the below steps to fix the input problem on Vizio TV.

Choosing Correct Input Option

  1. Grab the remote and power ON your Vizio TV.
  2. Enter the TV or cable input mode to confirm the ‘Cable’ option is selected.
  3. Press the ‘Input’ button on the Vizio remote to check the current input mode of your TV.
  4. If your TV is not on ‘Cable’, start pressing the ‘Input’ button until you highlight the Cable option.
  5. Scan your Vizio TV again to get back the missing channels.

Making Input Visible

  1. Switch ON your Vizio TV
  2. Grab the remote control and press the ‘Menu’ key.
  3. From the main menu of Vizio TV, select ‘System.’
  4. Navigate and open the ‘Hide Input’ option. Here you need to make sure all the input options are ‘Visible’.
  5. If there is any invisible option ‘Highlight’ it and press the ‘OK’ button to make it visible.

3. Run The Channel Scan

The next step is to again tune the channels. If you don’t know how to run a channel scan on Vizio TV, follow these steps:

  1. Switch ON your TV.
  2. Press the ‘Input’ button on the Vizio TV remote.
  3. Open the menu and select the TV or Tuner option.
  4. Navigate and highlight ‘Tuner’ mode and choose ‘Cable.’
  5. Next, you need to choose the ‘Auto Search’ or ‘Auto Channel Scan’ options.
  6. Wait for a while until the scanning process is complete.
  7. Upon completion of the process, check whether you got your missing channel back or not.

4. Fix the Source Device

You can lose Vizio TV channels if the source device is not turned ON or functioning properly.

Start by turning off your device and unplugging it, and wait for another 5 – 10 minutes. Once you connect the device again, run a channel scan, and it is quite possible that you will get all your channels.

5. Issues With TV Plan Subscription

Change in TV plan or expiration of subscription is also one of the reasons due to which you lose your TV channels.

In this case, you need to contact your cable service provider and share details with them to get rid of the issue.

6. Install The Latest Vizio TV Firmware

If you are still running an old Vizio TV firmware, this can be a cause of losing channels.

TV is also unable to scan a channel if there is any conflict between the frequency of your TV and cable provider.

7. Restore Your Vizio TV

After trying the above-mentioned methods, if you are still unable to get back your missing channels, then you must reset your Vizio TV.

Factory reset will clear the cache, fix the firmware issues, and restore your television to its original settings.

8. Replace the TV Tuner or Main Board

If the problem still exists, you need to call an expert to inspect your TV’s tuner.

Vizio TV tuner is installed on the mainboard, and sometimes due to faulty tuner, it doesn’t scan channels.

An expert will fix or replace the mainboard to solve the issue.


Why is my Vizio TV not finding channels?

Before proceeding to take professional help for your missing Vizio TV channels, it is better to make sure that everything is ok from your side. A working power supply to the device is the first thing you need to check. Moreover, secure the cords and assure that the device and TV are properly connected to one another.

How do I add new channels to my Vizio Smart TV?

Undoubtedly, the advancements in technology allow you to add preferable channels to your Vizio TV. Start by pressing the start button on the Vizio remote and go to the “TV Tuner Setup.” Next, using the arrow keys, navigate through to go to the channel option and, ultimately, the “Find Channel.” Click Ok to scan and then select those you wish to add.

What are the common problems with Vizio TVs?

Though Vizio Smart TV is one of the best of its time, there are still some problems that customers may encounter. Not only Vizio Tv keeps losing channels, but also, sometimes, the available ones stop working. In addition, the display might also cause problems, such as the picture not appearing despite a proper power connection or the screen continuing to flicker.

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Final Words

As always, we provided you with all possible solutions to fix the missing Vizio TV channels issue. Now, you need to try each of them one by one to get rid of the problem. However, still, if none of the methods work for you, then you should take the help of a professional. You may call the helpline and ask for personal assistance.

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