RCA Universal Remote Codes For Roku Stick & TV

With RCA universal remotes can control your Roku streaming stick or TV. For this, you must have RCA universal remote codes for your Roku stick and TV. Not all RCA remote controls are compatible with Roku devices. Similarly, some codes work only with Roku streaming stick rather than with Roku TV.

If you are tired of finding the correct RCA universal remote codes for Roku devices or TV, your search ends here. After testing we are sharing the working list of codes of RCA 3, 4, and 5 device remote.

RCA Universal Remote Programming Codes For Roku Stick

Below are the universal remote codes for Roku Ultra, stick, express, and TV. With the given codes you can program any RCA remote to your Roku device. We tried these 4 and 5-digit codes and assure you they are working.

Universal Remote Codes for Roku Streaming Devices
  • 16331
  • 2371
  • 2591
  • 3061
  • 33212
  • 64436
  • 53061
  • 52371
  • 55335

Remote Pairing Codes For Roku TV

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Roku TV
  • 44211
  • 14398
  • 14740
  • 14487
  • 11756

Don’t miss to check out our step by step to program RCA universal remote to Roku stick, ultra, express, and TV.


Can an RCA Universal Remote Work with Roku?

Yes, you can use an RCA TV universal remote to control your Roku stick or TV. It mimics the functions of the original Roku TV remote. However, it is cheaper than the original one. Another benefit is that you can use this remote to control multiple devices.

Why Is the Roku TV Remote Not Working?

Following are some common reasons why your Roku TV remote is not working. These are:

  • Dead batteries
  • Wrong codes used for programming
  • Incorrect pairing method
  • Due to HDMI interference
  • WiFi connection issue

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Final Words

In this article, you will learn about the RCA universal remote codes for your Roku box, TCL TV, ONN, and Hisense smart TV. If your Roku remote is not working, you must reset your Roku TV before replacing the remote control.

So, it is convenient to program the RCA universal remote by entering the code. I hope the new and revised codes mentioned in this article are helpful for you to program your RCA universal remote with Roku TV and stick. If you find any difficulty in programming the remote, try the solutions mentioned above.

Furthermore, you can program up to 3 devices simultaneously with one RCA remote for your convenience. No doubt, it is one of the best remote alternatives to use with your Roku TV.

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