How To Fix Microsoft Surface Go 3 Frozen Screen?

Microsoft Surface Go 3 is a Windows tablet with a detachable keyboard. The portable 2-in-1 device is optimized for digital pen and touch screen. Its screen size is 10.5 inches.

Sometimes, the users report frozen or unresponsive screen issues on Microsoft Surface Go 3. After research and going through multiple forums we found some quick methods to fix this problem.

To troubleshoot frozen or unresponsive screen on Microsoft Surface Go 3, force restarting your device by power button for 15 seconds will fix the problem.

Fixing Microsoft Surface Go 3 Frozen Screen

We are going to post three different ways of fixing a frozen screen or screen stuck at the logo on the Surface Go 3 laptop. The first method we shared is also tested by our team so we can assure it is 100% working.

Force Shutdown Surface Go 3

Follow these easy steps to force the shutdown of Microsoft Surface Go 3:

  • Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds or until the device shuts down and then restarts again.
  • When you see the Windows logo screen, release the power button.

When your device turns on, it is recommended to run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit to ensure that your device is updated and working smoothly.

Disconnect External Devices

The external devices or accessories like HDMI cable or USB you have connected to your Surface Go 3 might be freezing the screen or preventing the laptop from turning on.

  • Disconnect the SD card, USB drive, other USB accessories, Type cover, external monitor, or any other device you have connected with your Surface Go 3.
  • Also, unplug your Surface device from the surface dock if you are using it.
  • Now, try to turn on the device. If the screen is responding, it means that the issue is in the accessories and not Surface Go 3.

If the Surface Go 3 is still not working or stuck on Windows Logo, connect it with the power supply cord that you got with your Surface device. Charge your laptop for at least 15 minutes with the original power cable.

Now, press the power button to start your Surface Go. If the power light flashes or does not turn on, it identifies that the issue is in the battery or charging port.

Use Keyboard and Tablet Shortcuts

Here are the easy steps to follow if your Surface is showing an unresponsive screen:

  • Use an integrated keyboard or connect your Surface to an external keyboard.
  • Press Windows+Ctrl+Shift+B keys.
  • When using the tablet mode, press the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously three times.

NOTE: The above-mentioned tips also work on Surface Go Pro, if it has any frozen screen issue.

Why Surface Go Screen is Unresponsive or Frozen

If you are wondering why the screen of your Surface Go device is frozen or Surface Pro shows the Windows logo and then turns off, there are several reasons for this to happen.

We understand it is frustrating when your expensive device is not turning on or hanging, but it is always good to find out the root cause. Often the problem and solution to it are simple and quick.

  • Charging cable connection issue.
  • Extreme climate condition causes the device to freeze or overheat.
  • The Surface Go 3 device is not updated.
  • The Go 3 device needs repair.

Fixing the screen issues such as screen stuck on the Windows logo or the screen being unresponsive is easy on Surface Go devices.

However, when the problem resolves, make sure you update your device as such issues often occur when your device is not updated.

Use the diagnostic tool to check if there are any updates on your device. If you reset Microsoft Surface Go 3, it will restore to factory settings.

Final Words

We hope our guide will help you in fixing Microsoft Surface Go 3 frozen screen issue. If none of the above methods worked for you, we suggest contacting the Microsoft support team to repair or replace your Surface device. The Surface device offers the same feature as Windows 11 laptop and is available in the market at very affordable prices. Do let us know about your experience using the Microsoft Surface Go 3. We hope you had a good one. We would love to hear from you.

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